2019 Summer Camp
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Bilingual preschool and childcare centers
Enrollment taking place now
1). 1201 N 145th Street Seattle
2). 4228 Factoria Blvd. SE Bellevue
  • The most welcomed program, well established for almost two decades!
  • Accept ages 1 - 6.
  • Chinese-English duel language immersion.
  • Advanced academic learning.
  • Full time and part time enrollments are both available.
  • Hot meals and snacks provided.
  • Beautiful facility, bright classrooms, and highly experienced professional teachers.

English Reading and Writing Lessons
  Course Schedule and Tuition
  • Ms. Layton has been a wonderful English teacher for more than 30 years. She has helped thousands of students build a solid academic foundation, tested into gifted programs, won awards at national competitions, and entered top ranked colleges. Ms. Layton's outstanding contribution to education has been recognized nationwide. She is the winner of 2008 National Citizenship Education English Teacher Award and the winner of 2007 National Most Respected Teachers Award!
  • Mr. Walsh is a professional English teacher certified by Washington State. He has been teaching in Seattle area for about 30 years. Mr. Walsh's classes are designed to help students of all ages write clearly, focus their ideas, and express themselves intelligently. His teaching style is relaxed enough to allow students to be creative and enjoy themselves, but strict enough to help them become disciplined in identifying the areas needing improvement and working hard toward the goal. Grammar, reading comprehension, and dictionary skills are also taught so that students can meet the challenges of their schoolwork, MAP assessment, SAT/ACT, college entrance essay, and their future.

Chinese Lessons
  Course Schedule and Tuition
  • Saturday classes: PreK through Adult
  • Weekday preschool and daycare: Age 1-6
  • Summer camp: Age 1-10

Our Locations
  See Directions for 3 Convenient Sites Serving Greater Seattle and Eestside
  1. Northgate Location (12345 Roosevelt Way NE Seattle) -
    This site offers Saturday English lessons and Chinese lessons. It is not for daycare.

  2. North Seattle / Shoreline Location (1201 N. 145th St. Seattle) -
    This site offers weekday preschool/daycare, as well as summer camp.

  3. Bellevue Factoria Location (4228 Factoria Blvd. SE Bellevue) -
    This site offers multiple programs: weekday preschool/daycare, summer camp, and Tuesday/Wednesday evening English lessons.

About WIS
Washington International School (WIS) is a state registered educational institute. WIS is proud to have an outstanding faculty team. All instructors have a strong background in education, rich experience in their respective fields, and a warm loving heart toward the students.

For more information, please email info@WashingtonInternationalSchool.com or call 206-380-1222.

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